Some of the services TÀNTAL ELECTRÒNICA offers are the following:


 -Hardware developmentDesign and construction of prototypes of the physical part of the computer equipment, from the printed circuit board to the bounding box, creating the necessary documentation to be able to serially manufacture the product afterwards. 

 - Firmware developmentFirmware creation to enable all equipment to correctly develop the desired functions. Programming on several microcontrollers of 8, 16 and 32 bytes. 

 - Programming applications for data management Creation of computer applications to receive and manage data, working under Windows, Linux, Android and WEB conditions. Management of relational database. 

 - ProductionProduction management of small and medium series, for our own developed products and for third party ones. We locate and buy the spare parts, we manufacture PCB, we weld, test the board and assemble the final product. We take part in the whole manufacturing process or in a particular stage of production. 

 - Printed circuit board designPCB design from electronic sketches provided by the costumer.

 - Technical guidanceTechnical advice about anything related to the electronic field. Technical reports and diagnosis about problems having to do with performance of products and electronic installations.